Standing Up for Human and Civil Rights


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The United Christian Leadership Ministry (UCLM) serves humankind by leading a true spiritual and moral renewal within the Western New York community, facilitated by our strong advocacy in the areas of social justice, community-police relations, reforming gun laws, and criminal justice reform.

Who We Are

UCLM is an ecumenical coalition of religious and civic institutions, headed by the Rev. Lewis Stewart, formed in 2014 creating a movement for justice and revolutionary community transformation.

What We Do 

We work closely with community partners on criminal justice issues, especially those affecting people of color.

Criminal Justice ISSUES

  • effectively advocating for policy changes (such as Police Accountability Board)

  • improving community-police relations

  • advocating for individuals abused by police

  • working to reduce gun violence

Upcoming Events

 Support us and get involved in our work. Dr. Martin Luther King said:

"The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

We all know that justice is needed, and we'll get there faster with your help.