What is the UCLM?

We are a black Christian organization whose people have been ensconced in a particular experiential history of individual and systemic American racism, oppression, inequality, dehumanization and violence.

As a Christian based organization and movement, we are also witnesses to the Good News proclaimed in the Life, Ministry, Death and Resurrection of Jesus the Christ who is Lord and Liberator.  Because Jesus is who He is, the Gospel offers hope to all.

As receivers and heirs of the liberating Good News; and as sons and daughters of a merciful and transforming God, we are obligated to speak the truth to power and to Light the Way in this spiritually perverse and dark world so that our suffering brothers and sisters will be able to throw off the shackles of spiritual slavery and mental dehumanization and embrace Jesus the Lord of Life that we may be transformed and in turn transform our families, community and nation.  We realize that entrenched oppressive power concedes nothing without a struggle.

We affirm the United Christian Leadership Ministry as a catalyst for community, spiritual, social, economic and moral transformation.

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