Statement on New York State Oversight of District Attorneys

Rev. Lewis W. Stewart, President

June 21, 2018

The United Christian Leadership Ministry supports the approval by the New York State Legislature of the creation of an Independent State Commission to review the conduct of District Attorneys in the State of New York.

It is extremely important that the actions of District Attorneys be held up to the light of public scrutiny and accountability.

Just as we must hold law enforcement officers to a higher standard and demand punishment and discipline when they break the law, we must do the same with prosecutors.

We urge Governor Cuomo to support the creation of this Oversight Commission which would prosecute and discipline the unethical behavior of prosecutors.

Prosecutors should NOT have immunity from prosecution and criminal charges when they engage in misconduct. This will be an important step in promoting transparency and accountability.

Rev. Lewis W. Stewart may be contacted at (585) 402-9785.

Jason Wolf